Is your basement always damp?  Prone to flooding? Does it smell musty?  Property damage, mold growth, and health risks are a few of the consequences. At Sam's Comfort Heating & Cooling Inc., we specialize in the installation of a wide range of effective Sump Pumps to resolve even the toughest challenges with any sized space.  Our licensed plumbers customize recommendations to suit, take into consideration your concerns and expectations, and handle proper installation. Through quality products, we ensure a dry, healthy end result you can trust. Contact as (734) 984-4898 for a full range of sump pump services across Wixom, MI and surrounding areas.

Give us a call for sump pump & back-up sump pump installations!

There’s no reason to be at the mercy of groundwater or power outages.  Battery powered or water powered backup sump pumps protect against flooding during loss of power.  If there’s a malfunction with the primary sump pump or excessive groundwater, the backup pump automatically takes over for as long as needed.  With a water powered backup, you’re not reliant on batteries or limited by length of operation, but the installation requires specialized tools and knowledge.  To be sure you invest in the right sump pump for your requirements, call on the experts from Sam's Comfort Heating & Cooling Inc.. We handle every stage of the project to higher standards of job performance and deliver greater return from your investment.  Our technicians are here to help and remain on call 24/7, providing Emergency Repair throughout Wixom, MI, Walled Lake, MI, Milford, MI, Lyon Charter Township, MI, South Lyon, MI, Novi, MI.