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Whole Home Humidifiers

Aprilaire Humidifiers

Whole Home Humidifiers

Aprilaire Humidifiers

Humidity in moderation is essential for normal functioning of your household. Excess or less presence of humidity is subject to your geographical location and season of the year.

How lack of or less humidity affects our day-to-day lives?

In Michigan, dry weather is a big problem especially during winters. Even worse, dryness is a bigger issue indoors, due to the extreme temperature variation between the indoors and the outdoors.

Unfortunately, dry weather has its health implications such as it may trigger allergies and asthma, itchy eyes and skin, and dry cough. In some cases, drier air can easily promote flu viruses, which can affect children, older people, and pregnant women.

The problem is just not contained to your health, even your house gets affected. Excess dryness may cause structural damage to your house, or if you have hardwood floors they tend to crack. You may also have been the victim of static shocks, which can be quite annoying.

Furthermore, constant dryness gets you stuck in a vicious cycle – it makes you feel colder, which prompts you to increase the heat. Every time you increase heat you not only add to energy bills but aggravate the dryness problem.

How excess humidity affects our day-to-day lives?

On the contrary, when the pendulum shifts from low humidity to high, it doesn’t create any favorable circumstances. With high humidity, moisture traps in your drywalls, drapery, carpet, and hardwood flooring. Over time it may lead to mold in the drywall and drapery, and warping of the floor. Mold can be a trigger for many suffering from asthma and other allergens.

Furthermore, excess humidity inhibits cooling. Instinctively our response is to lower the AC temperature, without realizing that unless you get rid of the humidity, the AC can’t cool the air effectively. In this process, all you are doing is increasing your energy bills.

Low or high humidity, either ways, wouldn’t it be nice to have the indoor humidity controls right in your hands?

We at Sam’s Comfort Heating and Cooling have partnered with whole-home Aprilaire Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers to help you resolve the issue efficiently and effectively.

Depending on your budget and requirements, we recommend the perfect system for you. Some higher-end models have the provision for Wi-Fi controlled units ensuring optimum amount of humidity control throughout the day. Once we decide on the make and model, we will come and install it quickly and provide after-sales service as needed. We include lifetime warranty on most units. If you run into any problems, we are just a call away 24/7, and we assure that a person will always answer, even if it’s a public holiday – that’s the Sam’s Comfort promise!

Come talk to us about the humidity situation in your home, and experience the difference with our service! Call us today!

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