A reliable source of backup power allows continued operation of your essential appliances during power outages.  Sam's Comfort Heating & Cooling Inc. offers a wide range of sizes and styles of generators from leading manufacturers to meet your exact needs.  Whether you’re targeting specific appliances or looking for whole-home sustainability, we provide seamless transition, safe operation, minimized sound levels, and reliability.

Dependable Generator System Installations & Maintenance

Sam's Comfort Heating & Cooling Inc. handles the permanent installation of standby generators in Wixom, MI and surrounding areas, protecting your safety and comfort, and helping you to avoid damage and disruption.  There’s no need to be on the premises. These innovative systems take over automatically, start up immediately and operate for as long as necessary. Contact us at (734) 984-4898, and we’ll complete your installation project quickly and neatly, verify proper operation, and ensure your satisfaction.  Sam's Comfort Heating & Cooling Inc. specializes in solutions which simplify challenges for our customers throughout Wixom, MI, Walled Lake, MI, Milford, MI, Lyon Charter Township, MI, South Lyon, MI, Novi, MI.

Some of the numerous benefits of a standby generator include:

  • Automatic startup
  • Instant transition of power avoids disruption and inconvenience
  • No need for refueling allows operation for as long as necessary
  • Enjoy continued operation of essential equipment, such as sump pumps, HVAC systems, refrigerators, lighting, internet, and water heaters
  • Prevent damage to home furnishing and loss of perishables
  • Maintain comfort & safety during severe weather
  • Prioritize specific appliances or power the entire home